The Most Important Maintenance Catch-Up Your Car Needs in 2024

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It’s far too easy to fall behind on important vehicle maintenance here in Carlyle — we’re all guilty of it! If you’ve been neglecting essential services for your car, 2024 is the perfect time for a turnaround. Here are some of the most important services you can get caught up on here at the K&J Chevrolet service center this year.

New tires

Driving on worn tires is a serious safety hazard, especially when the weather is bad here in Carlyle. If your vehicle’s tires are past due to be replaced, contact K&J Chevrolet and we’ll install a new set! If your tires still have some tread left on them, we can perform an alignment and a rotation to help them last longer.

New battery

If your car’s battery is more than 3 years old, it’s important to get it tested to ensure that it still has enough charge to start your car and run its electrical systems. Has it reached 5 years old? It probably doesn’t have much life left, so your best course of action is getting a new battery installed at K&J Chevrolet — especially by wintertime.

Brake service

Is your car, truck, or SUV past due for new brake pads and rotors? With worn brakes, your Chevy can’t stop as quickly and could put you at greater risk for a crash. So, schedule brake servicing right away at K&J Chevrolet.

Fluids and filters

If you’ve been putting off an oil change for your vehicle, it’s time to get one scheduled. Driving with dirty oil, low oil levels, or a worn filter could seriously damage your engine and make it wear out faster. Even if you’re up to date on oil changes, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle’s other filters and fluids checked to make sure they’re clean and topped off.

Check your owner’s manual to learn more

Not sure what services your vehicle needs right now? Check the schedule in your owner’s manual. It will list all the important maintenance steps your vehicle requires — and when they need to be done.


To get started on your 2024 maintenance catch-up, get in touch with the service center at K&J Chevrolet in Carlyle, Illinois. You can conveniently schedule an appointment right now on our website, so don’t delay vehicle services any longer!


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